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  • Ashe Online:  A Virtual Experience With A Hometown Relationship

  • What is Ashe Online?

    Ashe Online is a complete online public school with high quality and engaging learning experience taught by Ashe County Schools’ expert teachers. Ashe Online offers personalized learning that is flexible to meet the needs of your family. By enrolling in Ashe Online, your child will have the opportunity to remain on-track for NC grade level standards and learn from home or anywhere with internet access. Students enrolled in Ashe Online will remain connected to their home school and will be allowed to participate in athletic and clubs. Ashe Online is also available for homeschool students who enroll in at least 50% of their classes. All full-time students will be provided with a ChromeBook. You must maintain reliable internet access.


    Daily Structure & Instruction

    Families who enroll into Ashe Online should expect the following across all grade levels:

    • While maintaining enrollment at their current school, students may be assigned to a teacher that serves students from multiple schools across the district. The virtual class may include students from other schools in the district.
    • Attendance is expected and will be recorded.
    • Students will have opportunities for social emotional support from school staff.
    • Students will receive a daily schedule for core instruction that includes online teaching and assignments.

    Instruction will be aligned with the NC Standard Course of Study with a focus on student mastery of standards.

    Grading structures will be consistent with current report cards at each grade level.

    Students and families will have technical support from ACS Technology staff.


    Families that apply must commit to at least one semester. A one-year commitment is recommended.

    The Ashe Online Application will be available July 22- July 28.

    Application Link:  

    If you have questions or need more information, please contact Ashe County Schools Central Support Services at (336)-246-7175.