• Room 2

    Hello! My name is Jessica Hamilton and I am in Room 2 at the Ashe Early Learning Center (ELC).

    Personal Info: I have lived in Ashe County my whole life, but I love to travel as you can see from my pictures! Many times, when in years past I have taught in a preschool classroom, I have made videos from my plane window to share with my students and it always sparks discussions about our big, wonderful world. I graduated from Appalachian State with a Bachelor's in social work, then became certified for birth-kindergarten through Western Carolina. I continued at Western Carolina with my education to receive my Master's degree in special education. I truly enjoy working with students and know that they all have gifts to share with the world. 

    Professional Info: My teaching role for the 2017-2018 school year is to serve as an itinerant teacher. What is that you might ask? To put it comically, I am like a traveling saleperson, but I don't sell anything! My role has me travel within Ashe County to serve students in other settings. This includes working with students who are brought in for educational services to the ELC, providing educational services to preschool students enrolled in various Ashe County early childhood programs, and providing educational services to homebound students. 

    I hope everyone has a successful school year! 

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