• NAEP Testing Information: 
    Fifty 8th grade students from ACMS were randomly selected by NAEP to participate in the reading or math test this school year. Students who were selected will be notified Tuesday morning, Feb. 26th.

    More Information about NAEP below:

    Our school will have the chance to make a difference in education on March 1st! Learn why our participation in NAEP is important at
    A group of our 8th-graders will represent thousands of others across the country on March 1st! Known as The Nation’s Report Card, NAEP is the largest nationally representative and continuing assessment of what students in the United States know and can do in a variety of subjects. Learn more at

    For Parents: 
    Parents, if your 8th-grader has been selected to take NAEP, he or she will represent thousands of other students across the United States. Discover other reasons why participation is so important at
    Do you have any burning questions about NAEP and your child’s involvement? The wait is over! Learn the answers to your questions and more by visiting

    For Students: 
    8th-graders, don’t forget! If you have been selected to take NAEP, your participation is essential for understanding what students across the country have learned in school. Warm up your mental gears by checking out the NAEP Test Yourself tool at

    What is NAEP? Learn the answer to this question and more at: